In case you've ever had a cloud web hosting account in the past or you've dealt with any other kind of online service, you are probably aware from your own experience that for some things it is better to consult with a live person on the phone instead of exchange support tickets or e-mail messages. In order to learn more about a particular service before you buy it or when something small needs to be done, for example, it'll be much easier and a lot faster to do it real-time. When you are able to seek the advice of representatives by phone, it is very likely that you're using the services of an actual hosting supplier, not a reseller. The level of support that you will get over the phone may differ between different providers - from very general issues to professional tech support. Typically most providers offer pre-sales assistance and first level telephone support, while more complicated tech issues are resolved through electronic mail and tickets.

Phone Support in Cloud Web Hosting

We know that the option to speak with a live agent is very important, so we have three support lines around the globe (Australia, USA and UK) and you will be able to contact us on the phone for 14 hours every day. In case you consider acquiring one of our cloud web hosting, for example, you have the option to call us and find more about our services before you order to make sure that we do match all of the system requirements for your sites. After the order, you will be able to get in touch with us about any kind of sales or billing difficulties you may have, or get any general or basic technical information you need. We've aimed to find the balance between telephone and ticket support, so for strictly technical matters you can use our ticketing system, that will make it easier to follow the communication along with any new developments in the resolution of the issue.

Phone Support in Semi-dedicated Servers

If you need additional info for the semi-dedicated servers that we offer, you can call one of the three support lines we have worldwide - in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. In this way, you're able to check in advance whether our services are appropriate for your sites. If you are already our client and you have a semi-dedicated account, you can contact us on the phone for 14 hours daily about any type of billing or common issues. For strictly technical troubles you'll be able to employ our ticketing system so as to communicate with our tech support since someproblems just require longer time to be solved, still we can assist you over the phone with a lot of minor technical issues as well, saving you the time and efforts.